Dear Lacostians,

Wednesday the LUST club evening will take place. The LUST committee will take over the beginnerstraining. It will be a fireman training to learn how to extinguish fire in a optimal way. The training starts at 19:30 and ends at 20:45. Besides that, LUST will organize fun activities in Olympia. From 20:00 you can wrestle sumo. We’ll see who is the strongest fireman/-woman at Lacoste! You can also show your talents at a game of beerpong. Furthermore, you should definitely stay all evening, because LUST will come with a FUST (a looooot of beer)!!! Did you not register yet for the tournament itself… then do so now via It will take place from the 13th of march till the 15th. 

Also the second round of the BOTL will take place. If you are not playing the BOTL, sign up for a normal match!

More great news, the Lacoste calendar is finished! The result is amazing! Credits for this to Marnik vanderGuns!! Trust me, you want this calendar, so come to the club evening this Wednesday because then you can get one!

Last but not least, three hurrays for Men 4 who have become champions yesterday!!!

Register for a game of tennis via Register for the fireman training to extinguish fire in a optimal way via This training starts at 19:30!!