Dear Lacostians,

today is the day! The SpoCo and LOT will take over the club night! Beforehand, the SpoCo will provide a delicious BBQ for those who have registered, starting from 6 p.m.!

The demonstration competition will be given by Hendrik Jan Davids and Thorsten Sollie from 20.00! First, together with the two Lacostians Maurits Godthelp and Pepijn Smeijer, they will demonstrate a dime in which useful tips and tactics are discussed, so be there! After the double they will play a short single with just the two of them. Furthermore, regular one-hour matches will also be played, where the tactics discussed may perhaps be applied! It is also a good training for the upcoming Wilkin Sports Lacoste Open Tournament, which will take place from 3 to 9 June! If you have not yet registered for this tournament, this will also be possible during the club night with someone from the LOT committee or you can register via this link:

PAY ATTENTION! The beginner’s training starts at 8 p.m. and will be given this time on lanes 7 through 9, i.v.m. the demonstration competition.
We are looking forward to see you tonight!