It’s time for the last club evening before the start of the wintercompetition. A few teams will practice one last time before the weekend. Tonight, the Match of the Day will be played by Sam and Sander who will compete against Sven and Paul. That will be a very exciting match! Of course there will be a lot of other fun games. So join us and come watch!

You should stick around after the matches, because at 23:00 the after movie of Ledenweekend 2019 will be presented! Some hard work resulted in a great movie. You really don’t want to miss this! After the movie we can all drink a few beers together!

Furthermore, there will be a beginner’s training again. Pay attention!!! This starts at 8 p.m. and will last until 9 p.m. The warming-up will only be short and then we will quickly start the other exercises, so try to be on time!

See you all tonight!