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The membership year lasts from October 1st till September 31st. Deregistration for an upcoming year, has to be delivered before October 1st at the secretary (by mail). Annual contribution is €42,50.


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By undersigning this registration form, I hereby grant authorization to T.S.T.V. Lacoste to withdraw the annual membership fee (€42,50), as well as purchased clothing and participated events. This will be done by automatic collection or cash (depending on having an IBAN bank account). This will also be done until cancellation of the membership by email.

When you join T.S.T.V. Lacoste, you are obliged to be a member of the Sports Centre of Tilburg University. This membership allows you to practice all sports availabe at the sports centre, not only tennis. Membership cards can be purchased by month, 6 months or a full year. Membership cards can be bought at the desk of the sports centre or at the website of the sports centre. Furthermore, you agree to the rules of procedure, to be determined by the General Assembly of T.S.T.V. Lacoste. Enter the data below to give your approval.

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