T.S.T.V. Lacoste - tennis association

T.S.T.V. Lacoste stands for Tilburg’s Students Tennis Association Lacoste, founded in 1967. We are the largest and most active student sports association of Tilburg with more than 350 active members and more than 100 ‘alumni’ members. Lacoste is the best assocation to combine sports and fun. Every wednesday evening we have our so-called “clubnight” where every member can come and play a friendly match against each other. We do this at our six tennis courts, located at the outside are of the sports centre. After that we go to the sports café to have a couple of drinks. We also organize tournaments throughout the year, which are a mixture of very serious ones and some where there is more beer then tennis balls. And last but not least we offer tennis lessons for beginners.

Besides tennis-related activities we also offer a lot of parties, which most of the times have a theme or activity attached to it. For instance a christmas dinner, meals on wheels, a poor man’s gala, beerbiking, etc. These usually take place or end in café Brandpunt, who is our main sponsor and gives us discounts on drinks and a free barrel of beer every now and then.

I personally think there is no reason not to join us, so why don’t you become part of the best sports association of Tilburg! Memberships cost €42,50 a year and you also have to get a sports card at the sports centre, which gives you access to all the sports offered at the sports centre (like fitness, squash, etc.). You can register yourself at http://tstvlacoste.nl/become-a-member/

If you want more information or have some questions, don’t hesitate to contact us (secretaris@tstvlacoste.nl). We hope to see you at the courts!

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